The Writings of S.H. Higgins

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Selections from the Antinihilist Manifesto:

Dualistic realms posited outside our comprehension to satisfy a false need to retain an eternal self, identity and image is the type of faith I claim to have denied- this denial is the solution to the problem. Faith in the internal verisimilitude of being--coming to an understanding of which is my goal. But how do we reach this goal, and how can we truly adopt this respective great internal strength and self-affirmation? Identifying the problem is step one, curing its viral implications is step two.Antinihilist Manifesto -Chapter I

The mystics of old utilized negative theology to describe God. They used negative statements, i.e. what God is not, to honor the creator/sustainer/destroyer. God, or the ALL as I call it, was considered to be ineffable and unknowable. Due to this uncertainty behind defining the indefinable, mystics kept quiet and harnessed their powers their own way. The above sections have shown how the ineffable is becoming less unknowable and in actuality can be described. Through mathematical equations, quantum gravity and science as a whole the ineffable is now becoming unveiled.Antinihilist Manifesto -Chapter II

The split of past lives between active and passive forms of nihilism of dual motal energies is what the previous bounces of the universe consist. Equilibrium in Samsara so to speak has quite possibly never been reached. I have named the active nihilists in past bounces "Ezekiel"--these are the nihilists that are externally destructive. I have named the passive nihilists "Isaiah". Passive nihilism is internally destructive... Antinihilist Manifesto -Chapter V

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