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The Elements; the Fundamentals of the Mystical Path

  1. Earth Element: Meditation upon the solidness of the body, the flesh and bones, the weight of gravity. Meditation upon nature, especially the soil of the earth and the infinite possibilities of location in space and time. Mystics can teleport projections of themselves to other locations, they can see distant people, structures and even location information of their projected suroundings

  2. Water Element: Meditation upon the liquid of the body, especially the blood and the infinite consciousness that flows through our primarily water bodies. Mystics can detect emotions and thoughts through their heartbeats, and can understand the feelings of others.

  3. Fire Element: Also known as wood the fire element is the heat of the body, the heat of energy running through ones own matter. Formless thoughts are of nothingness, nothing but the heat within. Monks atop the Himalayas can physically warm themselves to life on the brink of freezing to death. Mystics use this ability to cloak and conceal.

  4. Air Element: The air around the body, the wind in out of the lungs, the Buddhists called this 'Perception or not Perception' but I know what this means. The understanding and acknowledgment of past lives. And the ability to sense energies from others good and bad.