S.H.Higgins Paintings

religious symbols

Beelzebul's Paintings and Band Photos

These are my favorite paintings, dreamt up and painted myself. The selection below includes paintings from 2004 to 2011. These paintings describe my philosophy and understanding of the world of appearances and becoming.

From left to right: 'Friedrich Nietzsche' (2004), 'Death and Rebirth' (2006), 'Lord of Hell' (2009), 'Skull and Lotus' (2006), 'Whole of Being'(2005), the 'Lord of Hypocrisy'(2006), 'Demons Inside' (2005), ,'Tarot Card Death' (2010), 'Tarot Card the Devil'(2010), 'Jesus Escaped' (2005), Hideyoshi and Nagasaki (2009).